Saturday, February 2, 2008

Shopping hungry.

***I'm in my very first treasury!!!! Check it out here -- I'm SUPER excited!! Thank you to Irregular Expressions for including me :-)***

Have you ever gotten the advice "never go grocery shopping when you're hungry"? Apparently (and yes, I've tested the theory) if you shop hungry, you're more likely to buy a lot of extra groceries on impulse just because you're craving things.

Well..... That's how I am when I go to the Quilting Connection (our local AMAZING quilt shop). It's as if I'm hungry for fabrics and I buy a whole lot of extra stuff that I didn't go in there intending to buy! In addition, I am completely addicted to fat quarters. I love them. There are so many things I make with them. And the Quilting Connection has the BEST fat quarters! They are gorgeous! And so many to choose from! Ahh, I love them.

Anyway, I DID get a couple things that I went in for, and one of them was the backing for the quilt top I'd made. Here's the finished product! (please ignore my crappy editing - the white space - I did it quick)

This is what happens when you don't pay attention while cutting your squares. You forget to cut off that wonky edge. Blah.

Anyway, overall I think it's adorable, I love the print on the flannel back and I love the colors. I can't sell it for full price cause due to a few "quirks", it's fallen into the "Barrel of Monkeys" category. *sigh* Oh well, it's still a fantastic quilt that any baby would fall in love with!

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