Friday, March 21, 2008


I was just informed that I'm in another treasury! Gingeroni put together a treasury full of Etsy Bloggers and she's switching items out to give different people a chance to be in it! So look quick, I may not be in for much longer! Thanks Kathi for the love!

I got one! I got my very first treasury!! Yay!! I'm so excited! It's full of all things MONKEY (surprised?) and it's adorable!

Thanks to Lisa for providing the screenshot!

Caitlin also got one at the same time! Her's is all about mice... which are cute, when they're not running around your kitchen - right Caitlin?? (We have mice in our duplex. Not so cute.)

Anyway, that's my exciting news of the night! Yay fun treasuries!


  1. Congrats on your treasury!It's really cute :-)

  2. Hi~
    I found your blog off Etsy Forum.
    You have a cool blog.
    Happy Easter!!!

  3. Hey, I'm sending you a screenshot so you can post the pic cuz it's too cute... that link will be dead once the treasury expires :(

  4. That is fantastic! Congratulations!!!!

  5. Cool! How do you know if you're in someone's treasury?