Monday, April 14, 2008

My dot obsession

I don't know if I ever showed pictures of my completed "set" that I made after making my very first messenger bag. I ended up making a matching zipper pouch that I use as a pencil case, and a matching mini wallet that I actually use exclusively now - I love it. I feel pretty geeked out with all my matching (coordinating) dots gear, but I feel wicked sweet at the same time ;-)

There it is! My dot set! As you can see by comparing the link to the messenger bag to this picture, I did add some awesome big purple buttons for a bit of flair ;-) I'm very glad I did it, I think it adds a lot to it.

Anyway, I just listed the mini wallet in my Etsy shop - I made 2 when I made mine. I seriously think they're great! I have a few more cut and ready to sew, but with the end of the semester just 18 days away time has been a little short around here... Hopefully I can be super productive during my 3 week break before summer classes start up.

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  1. That is just too cute!! I love how they all match!!