Friday, May 2, 2008


It was another rainy, gloomy day... I just wanted to stay inside and snuggle up under an amazingly soft and cuddly quilt like this one from CuddlyQuilts.

Doesn't it look SO soft?? Man, I could seriously just curl up on the couch with that one and lay there all day on a day like today. I'm in love with those quilts. I'm a sucker for quilts and blankets anyway, but I can almost feel the softness of these ones through the screen. They look so wonderful. She has so many different cute ones for babies too - I want one (or more)! She even had one that she sold that used the fabrics that I've used in one of my pouches! It's so sweet!

*sigh* On such a gloomy day, I just wish I had one of these quilts to snuggle under. Just me and my boys.


  1. wow those are gorgeous quilts!!! I love them too!!

  2. hello right back at you cold lil monkey!!!