Monday, June 16, 2008

New addiction.

I. Love. These. Monkeys.

I love them. I am in love! They are so cute and fun to make!

I was riding in the car yesterday, going to Des Moines (about 45 minutes away) and I had to wait in the car while my hublover went into a hobby store to pick up a couple parts for his car. During the drive and while I waited, I ended up cutting out the pieces for 2 more monkeys! I think I'll do a bunch in an assembly line... I'll cut pieces for a few more monkeys, then I'll sew up all the pieces to all the monkeys, then I'll stuff them all at once, then I'll finish them all at the same time!

Thanks so much to Bit of Whimsy for being SO very generous and sharing her patterns. She's even inspired me to sketch out my own patterns for my own cute little made up critters!!

More pictures (with captions and notes) on my flickr.


  1. Those are cute!!!!!!!! I went to her site and saw the lambs...oh man I want one of those!

  2. Mandi... I sooooo want one of those for my car!!! And I'd love to send one to James too!! How much do you charge for them?