Thursday, July 17, 2008

Adendum to Mandi's Big Give

Ok so here's the thing. {It's my party and I'll change the rules if I want to.} Actually I'm doing it for my own sanity because if I don't I will surely have an episode of exploding brain. And I don't want to clean that up along with cleaning the whole house after it's empty.

We're leaving for Fargo tomorrow to attend the funeral of Ryan's grandma. We'll probably come back on Sunday sometime. As you know, currently the contest is over Sunday night. AND we're packing frantically to move next Saturday. Ryan wanted to have all our upstairs packed by the time we leave tomorrow (not gonna happen).

Long story short, [I'm on overload]. I've been getting up at 6:30 Mon-Wed for class (and keeping up with an online class), All this week (starting Sunday) I've been taking Cody to VBS at 5:30, not getting home till almost 9 most nights, and I've had other miscellaneous commitments during the day that's kept me busy and away from home.

SO. I'm extending the entry period. Not exactly sure what day I'll close, but I'm thinking Tuesday or Wednesday might work. I think my sewing machine will be one of the last things packed up. So keep telling your friends, or posting, or commenting or whatever. The Big Give will go on!! I will keep you updated! I would just like to keep a shred of sanity this weekend AND I don't want to skimp on the give-away prizes ;-) so this is to your benefit!!

{Thanks SO much for understanding!}


  1. Wahoo....mandi's insanity = more chances to enter and win!!!

    Sorry your head is exploding (and I am benefitting)...that's not very nice of me.

  2. The one there's the only one I saw... Blogger ate it? Repost! (I left cookies at your house for you. Com over if you need a refill.)