Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In progress...

I've been making more monkeys lately, but with the impending move, I've had a hard time finishing them. But once they get to this stage, all it is is sewing them together! I've got the arms and legs stuffed and face sewed on. I just have to decide if I want to stitch on a face or not... But I can decide that later! So here's some of my monkeys (and a couple dolls!) that are in progress, but will be done soon!

3 monkeys ready to go, 2 monkeys needing stuffed legs and 2 dolls ready to go.

Black with sweet white flowers

Girly butterflies and pinks and purples, and orange and yellow awesomeness.

From my favorite line - the dots!! Patriotic and brown with fun colors.

And a boy doll and a girl doll! I should get on the ball!


  1. Fun! I like the blck and white with flowers best. Too cute!

  2. Me likey the red polka dot one! How cute are they gonna be... I just love how much you love to craft. I wish we could hang out more :-(