Monday, July 7, 2008

My kind of contest :-)

I'm kind of known for enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Heck just the other day I got SUPER excited when my hubby confirmed that our new place (we move at the end of this month) will have an ice maker! Yup, I'm easy to please.

So when I saw that Jody had created a contest for the simple reason that she discovered how to do a gift certificate through Paypal - I knew I'd found a friend ;-) that is so something I would do.

How do you enter her contest? Oh man it's simple.

Step 1: Check out her adorable shop
Step 2: Pick a favorite from her shop
Step 3: Go back to her blog and leave a comment telling her what your favorite is
Step 4: Sit back and wait for her to draw your name *wink*

So what's my favorite from her shop? Well, I've been a huge fan of her quilts for a long time now (I adore quilts!) so I'll admit, it's a tie between this one:

And this one:

So what's yours? Hurry, contest ends Thursday July 10th! Wouldn't you want $15 to spend in her shop??


  1. OOh she does have nice stuff! I am entering too! :-)

  2. Why bother guys? I'm gonna win! I'm on a roll! haha long as she draws on a Monday.

  3. PS her name's Jody. Where'd ya get Becky?

  4. Oops, thanks for catching that!! I got Becky from another blog I had just read :-P *doh*