Monday, July 14, 2008

Shoes Galore!

Ok, I will admit (ashamedly) that my boys are sorely lacking in the shoe department. Yes I know, they're boys, so who cares? Well... when their cousin Caedmon and their buddy Ki always have such adorable matching and stylish shoes, I feel bad that my boys live in their crocs during the summer (and wear their one pair of tennis shoes the rest of the time - shoes that even I don't like!). However, had I the moolah (or a gift certificate?? *wink*) I would totally spend it over at See Kai Run (no relation to the Ki mentioned previously). I came across a blog that I'd seen before as she has done a review of one of Caitlin's shirts. Well as it turns out, See Kai Run is giving away a free pair of shoes! Her review was very helpful if I were in the market right now (only thing holding me back is $$ and the husband - party pooper).

So go check out her blog for a chance to win a free pair - it's super easy to enter! And those shoes... Man, WAY too cute.

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