Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What have I done!?

I couldn't help it.

The devil made me do it?

I had a craving?

I didn't get enough spankings as a child?

Whatever the case, I caved. I've had this shop in my favs for a long time... in fact I THINK I saw them in the favorites of a friend's etsy shop or in feedback or something... so I could probably blame one of you if I could remember where I saw the shop first.

Anyway, I had just enough left over in my paypal account (of course that money is supposed to go towards paying back any number of things I've promised to pay back) and I tried and tried to resist... but I kept reading the feedback and my mouth kept watering on my keyboard and I knew the only way to stop the wet keyboard syndrome was to click that glorious and tempting green {add to cart} button. So I did. And initially I had buyers remorse because of how much I was spending on *candy*... But then I read the feedback again and I knew I had done the right thing. It's ok. In 2-5 days all will be right in the world.

I'll be sure to update to let you know how fast I inhaled the carmels {wink}.

Oh, and don't tell my hubby. :-P


  1. Um, yum! Now I have a craving and I'm off to dig thru the house looking for something sweet!

  2. Oh yum! Did I rub off on you??? Hehe.

  3. They'll be worth it. I promise! Thanks for the order!