Sunday, September 28, 2008

Duncan: Monkey for Travel

Meet Duncan.

Duncan came to me in a Priority Mail mailer.  He was lovingly created, dressed, packaged, and shipped to me by the overly talented Glitzconcepts (currently making the move to FunnyFinn).

The moment I laid eyes on Duncan, I fell head over heels in love.  
True love, I tell ya.

Right from the get-go, Duncan was created to be my Traveling Monkey.  He was made to explore the world.  The whole idea is to have Duncan go from place to place, staying with a "host family", experiencing life as they (the host family) know it.  Duncan came to me the very DAY that we started taking stuff to our new home.  So it's been a little crazy.  Then school started.  And let's face it, I love him.

But it's time for me to let Duncan spread his sweet little monkey arms and see the world.

He's ready.

He even came with his own little suitcase.

Don't you love him too?

So here's my proposition.  Duncan is itching to see the world.  I already have a few people who have voiced an interest in "hosting" him for a short while (I'd say a few days to a week at a time).  He's already unofficially "booked" to see Canada, Malasyia (right Addy?), and hopefully Spain (Julie?  Yes?  He REALLY wants to visit!).  And if I can convince my brother, possibly Iraq.  Possibly.

I would love to get a list going of willing "hosts".

What do you have to do to "host" Duncan?

Hosts must be willing to:
  • Love Duncan.  Which means, taking care of him, not letting any nearby pets use him as a chew toy, not letting any body parts rip off, and not losing his detatchable hat.
  • Expose Duncan to the world as you see it.  Take him to your favorite places.  Introduce him to your friends (unless he's feeling shy that day, don't force it).
  • Photograph his travels.  Take a picture of him soaking up your life.  Whether it be in your home, or out at the local tourist trap.  I want to share his travels on this blog.
  • Send home at least one souvenier.  Even a postcard would suffice.  I would LOVE to put together a box and a scrapbook of Duncan's travels.  I personally LOVE to travel and want to travel myself someday.  For now I will live vicariously through Duncan. {wink}
  • Be willing to ship Duncan to his next host family.  Go ahead and ship him using the cheapest shipping route.  Just don't let him get lost.  For those of you interested, I'll make sure to give more detailed instructions about shipping and such.

So.  Do you want to be a part of Duncan's adventures?  For those of you in "business" (my fellow Etsians, for example), know that if you choose to host, you will get your business exposed here on my blog as I will do features on Duncan's travels and his host family - giving plenty of links.

Duncan's ready to go.  I'm not ready to let him go, but there comes a time in every Monkey Mama's life........  *tear* 
I know it's time.

So if you're willing, and you think you can comply with the "list", please contact me!  I want Duncan to see as much of the world as possible!!  I don't care if you live down the street from me or across the world from me, Duncan wants to EXPLORE!

Please email: my3lilmonkeyshop {at}


  1. He can defintely come see me (Kelly - glorious_and_free) here in Canada!

  2. AWESOME! Shoot me an email and I'll put you on the list!

  3. He can come to Southern CA

  4. He's so cute! Like a little skater monkey.

  5. Sweet!! Don't forget to send me an email so I can put you on the list!!

  6. I want to host Duncan!! :-D Do I need to send you an e-mail to "officially" get on the list?

  7. Yup! Send me an email with your address and I'll get you on the list! :-)

  8. Oh,I so want him to come visit us!! FUN!
    My email is jupitersinclair[at]gmail[dot]com :)

  9. ok . . . maybe he can come here. :) but it's pretty expensive to ship stuff so if he's big, it will cost a lost so i probably can't do it. :( we dont' make that much mula ya know. :)

  10. I would love to ask you to send him here to Georgia, but brain-damaged dachshund chews anything that will stay still and be chewed. Sigh. I will have to come back and read about Duncan's travels. :o)

  11. I would love to host Duncan down here in Texas. I might even let him try my "liquid heaven". Email me with details.
    Heather Rice

  12. Does Duncan wanna come to Malaysia? :D

  13. That is SO COOL!