Friday, December 21, 2007

Spreading the love!

I'll admit it. I'm addicted. HIGHLY addicted to buying from Etsy! There are so many different reasons why I love making my purchases from fellow Etsians... I love knowing that I am helping someone out, I love knowing that my item is hand made and "Green" (environmentally friendly), I love that it's NOT from a big box store, mass produced, or made in a sweat shop! I could go on and on, but instead I'll just show off a few of my new goodies (photos from their shop, not photos I took).

♥One of my favorite new treats is the most yummy lip balm! It's Mint Chocolate Chip flavored, and OH MY GOODNESS it's to tasty!

Purchased from Daren & Diana Designs

♥My 2nd Etsy purchase was a Christmas gift for my adorable niece. It's the cutest little onesie, and the shop owner was SO kind and helpful and accommodating! I was able to choose the size AND sleeve length of the onesie. The quality of the onesie and the shirt design were both awesome, and I would definitely purchase from "Arden's Mommy" again!

Purchased from ALaine Designs

♥One of my most anticipated items is this print from TheDreamyGiraffe. I have loved her shop since I first came across her site months ago! When I moved shops, I lost her link and just rediscovered her a couple days ago! I am SO glad I did, and on a whim I decided to purchase this print that I'd drooled over so many months ago. It fits me to a 'T' and it couldn't be more perfect! I am a dreamer, and if I had things my way, I'd be a DoctorWifePhotographerMidwifeSingerSewerCrafterMamaMissionaryTraveler ;) Get my drift? Yeah, this print is SO me.

Purchased from The Dreamy Giraffe

Anyway, I just wanted to share a bit of love and tell you that I would recommend these Etsians in a heartbeat! I had wonderful customer service and was treated so well and am SO pleased with the items I've received so far! I'll be posting more as the rest of my "oops, I'm addicted to Etsy and I can't stop buying things" purchases start coming in the mail ;)


  1. He he! I love that your comments section says "giggling monkeys" that is an extra nice touch =D

    This monkey loves that!!

    ~ recycledideas @ etsy

  2. I don't think there is any way I could stop myself from eating that lip balm :D