Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big changes are a happenin'...

Oh the things we do for love ;-) Like dying our hair!!

I guess time will tell who really has more fun... blonds or brunettes? *wink*


Here we go!! After years of my hubby trying to convince me to go blond (I was blond as a kid, so it's not too terribly 'out there') I finally gave in! What the heck, it's just hair right! I might as well fulfill some of his fetishes ;-)

So here it is! It's not exactly a natural color... but it'll still be fun!


  1. lol how weird, I just bought hair dye to dye my hair tonight!!
    I totally know what you mean about unfinished projects, I have some aprons that need to be worked on hehe..:)

  2. How fun!! I'm blond and I believe they do have more fun! :p