Monday, January 21, 2008

Tales from my craft room...

I've been workin' hard tonight! I completed a quilt top that I'm REALLY excited to get a back on and finish! I think it's cute... Here's the "before" pictures:

And here's how it looks when it's completed!:

I'm not as crazy about those red and yellow stripes as I was when I picked out the fabric. They looked like they would go really well... and yes they match in color, but I'm not really diggin' it in my quilt. That's ok though, I still think it's really cute!

I love the dots and I love them with these stripes and with the alphabet letters!

Yay dots! I love dots :-)

Anyway, My craft room is filled with unfinished projects right now. I have a bad habit of starting projects and not finishing them... But I've gotten a lot better! Now I finish them, but sometimes it takes me a little longer - but they do get done! Here's some of my "To-Be-Continued" projects that are anxiously awaiting completion:

My stack of "to-be" Juniors (Diaper/Wipes holder). There's about 15-20 waiting to be finished! I'm excited to get those done because there are some really cute ones I'm anxious to list!

When I first listed these I decided not to top-stitch them... But I've changed my mind. I also didn't pre-wash my first set of blankets. Again, decided that was a bad idea. So, these blankets have now been pre-washed and here they sit waiting to be top-stitched! Then I need to retake their photos, cause the original ones I took are pretty bad *blush*

This was my first "big" quilt! Well, quilt is used loosely when defining this blanket... But still, I love it so much! I love the colors and it's SO super soft and I used batting so it's even softer yet! As much as I want to keep it all to myself, I have decided to gift it to someone I love dearly (and can't say who in case they read this blog ;-)) Right now it's waiting to be top-stitched (again, started out not planning on doing that, but changed my mind).

And of course I can't sew in silence! Gotta have my tunes to jam out to! Gosh I love being in the zone in my craft room. It's so cozy and fun!

So there you have it! I figured I'd done lots of "spreading the love" on this blog lately (which I love to do) and it was about time I featured MOI! So there's a little inside and peek into my world! Be on the look out for that baby quilt in my shop in the near future!

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  1. Busy girl! :o) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Looks great!!!