Monday, January 21, 2008

Shipping with style!

Ok so a long time back, before 3LilMonkeys even existed, I participated in a little contest that OohLaLah was having. The requirement to get my name in a drawing was that I had to purchase a sampler pack of her envelopes, like this one:

Easy enough - the sampler pack was a good enough price that even if I didn't win, I knew I would enjoy the envelopes and they would be the perfect size for shipping jewelry (which I was selling more of at the time, compared to now when I'm selling more bigger baby items). Anyway, somehow [since I RARELY win anything] I won! I think the "prize" was 100 of her bigger envelopes, but I can't quite rememeber (since they're all mixed up now).

Point of this story is -- I LOVE these envelopes! I have been shipping my Juniors in them as they are the perfect size! Not to mention they are SO stylish and cute! I am still working on getting cuter shipping packages for my bigger items/blankets, but for now I am SO pleased with these.

I love seeing how other people ship their items, especially when it's something creative :-)

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