Sunday, January 20, 2008

Waiting patiently...


Oh I am so excited! The wonderful Lori was having a BOGO sale in her shop and I had some Christmas money left over burning a hole in my pocket... So I had to take her up on the offer! I bought the earrings first but didn't find what I wanted for my 2nd item, so I shot her a convo asking if she'd do a custom order for the 2nd item... And she did! She whipped up that gorgeous necklace within the day just to match the earrings -- aren't they amazing??
Anyway, Lori is from Canada, so I have to wait just a little bit longer for these wonderful pieces, but I'm so excited! It will be well worth it! Now I just need to find an outfit (or multiple outfits) to wear them with ;-) I'm kind of notorious for being a "jeans and a tshirt/sweatshirt" mama, so people will be very surprised to see me dressed up and "accessorizing". I'm gonna have STYLE with these babies!

Thanks Lori!!
(psst, check out her shop, she has such a great sense of design, I love her jewelry!)

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