Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Button button who has the button?

I do I do! I have the button!! A few of them in fact! Yup, my addictive personality strikes again.

First lip balm (with one more purchase in the works as soon as I get a convo back... I can't help it - great fun flavor I couldn't pass up!) and now buttons! You know, a really sweet awesome pin with a fun little drawing, word, or saying to express ME!

Oh I love them! I have my own buttons that I made with my little monkey guy on them (I put them in with my shipped packages) and I could make more,

but I'm having too much fun with these ones! My My has gotten my business 3 different times now, bringing the total in my collection to 7 fun buttons! And I'm pretty sure I'm not done ;-) Especially after seeing this one:

These were my very first buttons:

And along with the above ones, these are the ones (excluding the heart and big dreams buttons) I'm anxiously checking my mailbox for!

I have a messenger bag in the works and I would LOVE to cover my bag in expressive buttons. I love them. They are my new favorite *smile* Check out Taryn! She's got it all!

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