Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cramping my style...

School, that is *wink* Yup, I started back in school, my wonderful Christmas break is over... *sad sigh* Oh well, I'm just having to get more creative in my time management. I am making nursing school a priority, but I am able to find time to sew and create in my spare time. I've already sewed a couple of things that I haven't had a chance to list. And I have so many projects that I can't wait to start on! I think I have 4 quilts (small and simple) waiting to be put together. I also have a big stack of fabric waiting to be turned into baby blankets and I'm super excited because there are some CUTE fabrics! My craft room is quickly filling up with my fabric obsession.

I'll be posting pictures of some of these things soon (fabric addiction, future quilts, stacks of fabric). It's so much fun :-)

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