Saturday, January 12, 2008

Adding to my collection

I received another print in my new Dreamy Giraffe collection! I posted about the first print that I received in another post, and as soon as I got that first print, I determined that I am going to have a collection :-) I love them so much! The second print I purchased is a 5X7 and it's sitting on my sewing table smiling at me every time I sit down to create. The title of the listing was: "This is a print of a Very Crafty Superhero". But what really sold me on it was the description (DG has AWESOME descriptions for her prints, I love them!). It went something like this:

Dear You,

Have a craft project in danger of winding up trapped forever in your WIP pile? Do all of your paintbrushes just refuse to coopeate? Got knitter's block? Are the plushies you're making looking like they'd rather you take the seamripper to them and start all over from scratch? Is your latest collage just...wonky? Have you spilled glitter all over the place, or just lost your glitter altogether? Well, never fear and get ready to sparkle once again - 'cause Cut & Paste Girl is here.

She's not your average superhero, oh, no, but if you're an artiste or craftista, she is your best friend! When you creatively stumble, she is ready to rush to your side to help in any way she can, with her handy superscissors and superglue!

So I felt like it called out to me. I'm notorious for starting and not finishing. When I first got hooked on quilting, I started about 7 different quilts with the intention of giving them as gifts for Christmas. Well, here it is 3 years later... and not one of those "quilts" resemble anything like a quilt. It's like that for a lot of things, I get passionate about things then I get distracted. Dang ADD, kicks me in the butt every time. Thankfully what I'm doing now has such a strong hold on me, I don't think I'll let it die anytime soon ;-)

Anyway, I just wanted to share my 2nd print, because these prints make me happy. They really do make me smile when I look at them. I can't wait till I have a wall full of them (including the custom one of my boys that she's agreed to do when I'm not quite so broke! TOTALLY thrilled about that!)

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