Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fabrics Online

*Dreamy Sigh*

I've discovered shopping for fabrics online. Oh dear, I'm in trouble! I was already about to check myself into Fabricaholics Anonymous, but now I'm pretty sure I'll need a lifetime membership. Granted, right now all I'm doing is drooling and wishing and dreaming, but when the time comes that I'm not broke as a joke, oh boy. Watch out world! Oh the selection! The choices!
The variety!

Hehe... I'm never going to make a profit at this rate ;-)


  1. This sounds very familiar! I keep stocking up on craft supplies, and I'm fairly sure I buy a lot more than I sell!

  2. been there... I found an amazing thread supply store (red rock threads) and I can happily spend hours adding to my shopping cart! all the possibilites!