Monday, January 14, 2008

Barrel of Monkeys

So, I will fully and readily admit that I am not a perfectionist. Usually it works out ok, but sometimes, like in my sewing, it can bite me in the butt. An entire project could be ruined because I wasn't careful enough, or didn't pay attention. So, I have acquired a small handful of crafts that I've made that are still good, they look wonderful, they're fully functional... but they are flawed. So instead of wasting a.)my time, b.)money, and c.)precious fabric/clothing/ink I have decided to create a special section just for my little "oopsies" that will be sold for a discount! I call it the Barrel of Monkeys. It's a place where I can blame my naughty little monkeys for all my fun little mistakes ;-)

Here's an example of my little "oopsies":

You can see the whole listing in my shop, and as you can see, that's the only little blip in it. I'm sad that I did that, cause I really liked this bag... but hopefully people will see this section not as a place for my "discards", but as a place to get the same great items at an "as is" price with a little character thrown in ;-)

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