Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Artsy Fartsy

I never used to be one to have art hanging on my walls. I'm more of a "family photos" gal, I love having my walls covered with pictures of my kiddos and my family. But lately, the older I get and the more I think about decorating a "real" house (not a duplex that's temporary) I really have started to love looking at art, or even fun little paintings to hang on my walls. On Etsy there are tons of fun shops that offer amazing art of all kinds! I've found some that would be awesome for my boys' room, I've found some for my bedroom, and I've found some "classy" art for the main areas of the house! It's fun to dream! Of course my first art love (on Etsy) is still my favorite Dreamy Giraffe

But I'm having fun broadening my horizons. Recently I was introduced to a really dark and gorgeous piece that was done digitally (on the computer) and I find it fascinating! It's titled 'Aloha Splatter' and I learned later that it was originally a photo that was taken while the artist was on his honeymoon. He digitally enhanced it and this is it's final look:

Ok so maybe I'm just a sappy romantic at heart, but I love the background information about this piece about as much, if not more, than the piece itself! Anyway, MiKETHiNKS is impressive to say the least. I can't wait till we're in a house and I can start decorating for real!


  1. Buying art on Etsy is so much fun. That's what got me hooked! :)

  2. Love Dreamy Giraffes work too. So cute!