Saturday, February 9, 2008


I want coffee. Oh BOY do I want coffee right now. If I weren't in an unfamiliar place (in KC for a wedding) I would totally get in my car right now and drive to Caribou (that's assuming I was in a place that had Caribou Coffee... my hometown is getting ready to build one, but we only have Starbucks right now).

My wonderful mother in law got me a Caribou gift card a few months ago when I was having a rough time (isn't that sweet? I LOVE "just because" gifts!) and I've gotten to use it once! It's burning a hole in my wallet, it really is.

Right now, I just want to get a scone and an Iced Carmel Latte. Or maybe a Carmel High Rise. Ooooh... or maybe this:

Mint Condition™

A delicious blend of mint, espresso, cocoa, and whipped cream. Wake up with minty-fresh breath.

Drooooll....... I need to find out if there's a Caribou near here. That's my current task at hand. Must. Find. Coffee!

I had to edit to share this exciting news! There IS a Caribou Coffee very very close to me! We were just really close to it a couple h ours ago when we stopped at Target! Yay! Now to sweet talk the hubby into making a special trip, maybe right before the wedding *wink* I'm pumped now!

Oh, and I've had this super cute cozy in my shopping cart for almost a week now but I'm afraid that if I follow through and purchase it, I'll be betraying my other two favorite coffee cup cozies... So I'm going to hold out until I decide which one I want to go with. Maybe I won't decide. Maybe I'll pick all three :-)


  1. the cup cozy is so clever, so cute. i love it.

  2. omg. i am in LOVE with that corset cozy. must makeeeee.


  3. Caribou is my favorite coffee ever! We used to live in Minnesota and there was a Caribou a few blocks from our house. I was bummed when we moved back to DSM, then they got one and we moved away again! Boo hoo!
    By the way, I always get the caramel high rise. Same thing everytime.
    Hmmm... now I want one!