Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If fabric was edible...

I'd SO order this off the menu!

I got this fabric in hopes of making this note taker from Pink Chalk Studio.

I'm really excited to make it, but I realized as I was getting the fabric that I am going to need to get a walking foot before getting started on this project. :-( Boo. So, unless I can find one really cheap (they were pretty pricey - at least for me - at the quilt shop) I'm going to have to put this on hold. Which makes me sad because I am REALLY head over heels in love with these fabrics!

Do you ever have that problem?? Getting really excited about a project and not being able to start/finish it for one reason or another??

hmmm... Maybe I could take this to my *awesome seamstress* of a grandma and see if I could use her sewing machine. I know she must have the foot that I need!


  1. i love reading your blog and i love all the creative things you are doing!!!

  2. You can try a test piece without the foot. I have the foot and yes, it's helpful. It was about $25...definitely something to have in your bag of tricks for so many projects!!! But if you pin really well and maybe elongate your stitch a little...you could at least make one to get the need for creativity out of your system? When you get to a corner don't drop your needle and turn...follow it to the end...take it out repress and pin again the next side...hth? Jodi

  3. cute cute fabric! You should definitely test out some fabric to see if you really need a walking foot. Sometimes you can get by on smaller pieces without the extra gadget. I actually broke the holder for the quilting bar/guide on the back of my walking foot last fall. I was able to find some good deals on ebay for walking feet (didn't end up buying one, but the prices were pretty low)