Sunday, March 9, 2008

JMW Jewelry

I love it when my creative friends start selling on Etsy :-) It seriously makes my day just knowing that they are showing their talent off to the world. My friend Jennifer has been involved in art since she was a little girl. In fact, here's a little excerpt about her:
JMW Jewelry is Jennifer M. Wilczynski. She specializes in precious metal jewelry. If you like her work, please check out her website:

While Jennifer has been making art ever since she could hold a crayon, her metals & jewelry career started in high school, when she took two jewelry courses offered by her school's art department.

She went on to Ball State University as a Drawing major, but took an Introduction to Metals course during her second year and decided that that was where her real passion lay. She switched her major to Metals, and has since been exploring the medium in various different ways, trying to make the most of her education.

In May of 2007 she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals, and this began her real career as an artist and jeweler/metalsmith. She currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband.
She is seriously SO talented in jewelry making. I have loved seeing what new things she comes up with! She has had her Etsy shop for a few months now, but she FINALLY started listing her goodies! Which I'm excited about! I've already hearted one of my favorites that she shared with us a couple weeks ago. As soon as I have a little extra cash I am planning on buying a one-of-a-kind JMW Jewelry piece :-) Go check her out! She's fantastic!

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