Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The race for ~100~

So, very few people know that I have actually been a part of Etsy - as a seller - since July of last year. I was very blessed to be 1/2 of an amazing team called CarmelTurtle. Caitlin and I parted ways to embark on our own separate adventures towards the end of last year, and in that time CarmelTurtle has exploded! Caitlin has done an awesome job with her business and I am proud to announce on her behalf that she is ONE sale away from ~*~100~*~!! How exciting! She just needs one more sale! She specializes in these pretty awesome maternity shirts, but she's got a few others too, and she is a sucker for a great custom order too! The sky is the limit for her!

So... Seriously. Go check her out. Be her 100th sale. You won't regret it!! (and a little birdie told me that she's going to do a little sumthin sumthin special for that 100th sale *wink*)