Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I can't help myself

I'm a craft-a-holic! I love Spring Break! I've gotten a few little goodies made in the past couple days and I'm hooked! After I made that fun little zipper pouch, my ma told me that she wanted me to make her a pouch so that she could carry her "monthlies" (*wink*) discretely and stylish instead of stashing them in her purse. So, out of the left-over fabric from the purse organizer I recently made, I whipped up a stylish little pouch!

Unlike the first one I made, I added square corners on this one to give it a bit of dimension. I like it and was actually impressed that I figured it out! I like the way it turned out! Had I a black zipper, I would have used that, but I'm glad I didn't because I actually like the way the white zipper looks on this bag. I gave it to my mama tonight and she liked it (she could even fit one of her pill bottles in it! Yay!)So while I was at it I decided to make another one! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric. And thankfully I had gotten a zipper that happened to match perfectly! I love it! I used a heavier interfacing on this one, which I don't prefer, but it would work awesome for a cosmetic bag. The lining is a bit wonky on this one I think because of how I top stitched that part by the zipper. I love the look of top stitching, but I must have done it wrong cause the lining doesn't quite lay right. It works for me though!! And I love it! Heck, I'll use it proudly! :-D

And last but not least, Mini Wallets! These just might be my favorites cause I've been using one of these exclusively for a few weeks now. I used to use it just for business cards, but lately I've been using it for everything - money, credit/debit cards, and business cards. I've been wanting to make myself a big purse or messenger bag and I've been boycotting my dinky little old purses, so it's been fun not to have to carry around something extra (and something extra to forget somewhere - this wallet fits in my back pocket!) Anyway, here are the ones that I whipped up tonight. 3 of the same - boring I know, but I have so many more in queue now! They're my favorite!
Check out my shop if you're interested in purchasing! And if you see something you like but want a different fabric, I LOVE custom orders and will be delighted to make something up just for you!