Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mike Rocks!

Oh my gosh, finally! My blog looks how I want it to! Well, the layout, not necessarily the colors (still not crazy about this background, but it's ok for now). Anyway, I have been trying to get my side bars to not be so constricted, and my right sidebar was actually cutting off the right side! So, Mike, over at MiKETHiNKS (Caitlin's hublover) hopped right on and fixed it! He's a web genious! I see he even made it so that when I make my screen bigger, the layout adjusts! So, if I drag out the side, my columns kind of follow it, does that make sense? Try it, you'll see what I mean ;-) He's awesome! So, thanks Mike! I knew you could do it!

PS, Mike completely designed Caitlin's blog to match her website - it's wicked sweet! Ahh, I love it when things look the way I want them to look :-)