Sunday, April 27, 2008

Waiting game

I've been doing research for getting my own website... The only thing holding me back is funds. I mean, I could get a domain name and website today, but I really should wait.

Anyway, is taken (by a travel agency?!) so I was thinking of getting Thoughts? I would love to choose something completely different, but I'm afraid it would cause confusion. I will probably get the domain name soon and just re-route it to my Etsy shop for now because I am wanting to get new business cards and a new sticker for my car (I have one that has my etsy shop URL on it, but I haven't put it on my new car yet). I just think it's easier for people to remember a simple URL rather than having to remember a Seems like too much.

So that's my plan. first things first, get a domain name. Eventually, get a wicked sweet website. If I had the funds I would see if MiKE would let me purchase his services for biz card design and simple web design. I might splurge for the biz card design, but I think I'll go for a template at first when I get a website set up.

Hmmm... I'm rambling again AND I should be studying for finals tomorrow... Dang it. I just have this business on the brain because I have SO many projects waiting to be completed I'm so excited to have some free time!!!!!


  1. I wonder why a travel agency would need the name 3lilmonkeys! Seems alittle odd. I know what you mean about all these things kinda take over your thoughts...there is a lot to having a business, isn't there!
    Smiles, Karen

  2. Oh, and what about using the word "three" instead of the number 3? or spelling monkeys "monkies"...
    (just a couple thoughts I had.)

  3. Ooo, that's a good idea to re-direct it for now! I'll put my thinking cap on.

  4. Good luck with the domain name... My business name is too long to have a site without shortening my name

  5. I know what you mean about funds.
    I like
    Good luck on your finals!!!!

  6. is gone, so is or .net or anything else.
    I had not thought of 'my woolies'...hmmmmmm
    ps love your work!!

  7. I'm on the same thought path as far as domain names and whatnot. I tell someone i have website they can go to and they automatically say "" Errr, no. & People who don't shop handmade that often have no idea what ETSY is so they can't remember it. Anywayyy... I love your blog!(just found it through forums on etsy!) & I think mythreelilmonkeys is a good alternative!