Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Self Control

I REALLY really really really really want to go to the Quilt shop today. I've wanted to go all week. I have fabric cravings like nobody's business! I want to make another messenger bag to list, but I have SO many other projects I need to finish (and list) before I start yet another new project! I did finally make a couple more zippered pouches that I need to list today... And there are so many other things I need to finish up. *sigh* I need more focus.

How are you exercising Crafty Self Control today??


  1. OH gosh Mandi I hear ya! I've got jewelry and new beads, I've got my new lights I want to make, I've got my sewing machine eyeing me up from the's self control is spending time on my blog writing shout outs to my bestest buds..check it out!

  2. i totally understand...I went to the bead shop and had to resist temptation and overdrawing my account with all their new was really hard. :(

    hopefully after this weekend i will be able to go back!

  3. you are a dork!!! you realize that when we comment each others blogs people probably think we have personality issues :)

    had another idea for silk screening. reusable shopping bags....everyone is doing it!!! you could put cool cute sayings or pics on them!

  4. I'm totally getting a sewing bug, but alas, no time.