Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A tribute to my profession

Oh how weird to say that I have a profession! But I do! I am officially a NURSE now (that sounds weird to say too). And let me tell you I have seen some ADORABLE nurse-y things on Etsy that I want to share with you! So without further adu... My favorite nurse collection:

Of course I have to mention my favorite print first. This is by the Dreamy Giraffe (I have 2 other prints of hers) and it's so sweet. It is titled "Taking Care". This one will be mine soon *grin*

This adorable little snail just makes me smile! I found this one while hanging out in the Etsy chat room and I fell in love. Isn't it sweet? Her name is Jodie and she lives with a ton of other amazing sculptures by SynapticGlitch. :-) Check out the descriptions, they're like stories - I love them!

Ok, I'll be the first to admit I'm not exactly a mouse's number one fan. We've had our fair share of run ins with them living in this duplex - they seem to like our basement and that just gives me the heeby jeebies! But seriously, could you resist a cute face like this one?? This nurse mouse from the House of Mouse is the cutest little rodent I've ever seen!! I love her!! And The House of Mouse has a gazillion other adorable character mice you should totally go check out.

Awwww... this nurse penguin is just so sweet, it's no wonder it sold out in March! But check out TeenyBeak's shop - I am SO in love with those adorable little penguins! They have all kinds of different ones! I'm sensing a theme here *wink*

Anyway, those are just a few of the fun nurse things I've found recently (or not so recently). I love that my profession has such cute stuff to go with it! So check out these adorable shops and show them some love!


  1. Oh, the nurse penguin isn't sold out!! I remake each order for every customer, and you can even get the scrub color customized to your tastes :)

  2. I LOVE THE PENGUINS... eeeh! So cute!!!

    p.s. did you read my New Nurse story on my blog?

  3. YAY nurse Mandi - seriously way to go!!!

    We need a date, I've had enough...we must gather.