Saturday, May 17, 2008

New shop alert!

I have a personal blog over on Xanga. Through Xanga, I met a friend named Summer. She is extremely talented in so many areas - singing, good looks (is that a talent?), graphic design, photography, and craftiness! Well, guess who opened up her own Etsy shop??


Her shop is adorable, and her awesome photography skills make it all look so pretty and professional. She sells lots of cute little girl things (makes me want a girl!!) and just recently started selling things for brides/weddings such as bouquets! They look so pretty!

Check her out, send her some love. DesignsBySummer is a great new place to shop!! Welcome to Etsy, Summer!!


  1. Cute stuff she has!!

    I found a 2lilmonkeys on etsy today! You guys should hook up.

    I updated about the farmers market on my blog;-)

  2. oh congrats to your friend Summer, and how nice of you to feature her :)

  3. What adorable things she has!!

    Thanks for popping by my blog and the comments on my music. :)