Thursday, June 26, 2008

Are you ready for it??

Ladies and Gents... Be on the lookout! We're moving in one month from today, and I plan to have one give-away a week until we move!! If you check out a calendar, you'll see that if I do one every Friday starting tomorrow, that means there will be 5 [FIVE] give-aways between now and then! That last week I will probably do one early in the week, or I might have 2 winners the week before (we'll see how that last week plays out). I have a lot of onesies that I've used as "examples" for my shop. Onesies or Tshirts that are just hanging in my closet with no cute little baby or kiddo to wear them :-( Sad, I know. So I am going to give 5 of them away to good homes!!

Aaaannnnddddd..... Tomorrow I will draw the first winner!! Sorry for the short notice, but hopefully I can get the word out in time! I will be drawing winners each Friday, and I will post a picture of the clothing item up for grabs when I announce the give-away earlier in the week so you know what you're entering for.

So without further adeu, here is the first item I am giving away!!

This is a pink tshirt (photo makes it look a little more purpleish than it is in person) with dark magenta (almost red) ink. It is Bella Baby brand and it's a size 3T.

You don't have to have a 3 year old girl to enter, you could win this for a gift, or save it for your future little girl, or even put it on your favorite giant teddy bear!

Ready?? Set???? GO!!!!!

*please leave contact info in your comment so I know how to get ahold of you if you don't see the "winner" post tomorrow*


  1. Ooo, don't count me, but I'll post on my blogitty log about it. Sweet!

  2. oh heck ya count me in!!!


  3. Count me in!


  4. Ohh... Pick me, Pick me! :) or my xanga site.


  5. Very cute! Can't wait to see the others as well :)

  6. Where are earth are you moving?!?!

    ~ Jumpsonbeds!!!

  7. Cute shirt! I've got a wee girl who says that all the time! Haha kidding. Put my name on the list please!

  8. oh yeah.. my hubbie would love to see our daughter in this!

  9. So cute! Count us in too!

  10. Very cute, and my little girl is 2 but could wear a 3. Count me in!

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