Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yup. That's the kind of name that results from letting your 3 1/2 year old son name your new stuffed friends ;-) I actually have no idea how to spell it, but that's how it's pronounced - "Poe-Pee". This is a frog I made that was inspired by Bit of Whimsy's dolls and monkeys. The body is the same but I altered the arms, legs and a bit of the head. He's way cute, but totally wonky, which is so typical of my creations, lol! I'll just have to tweak a few things for the next time. And there will be a next time cause I think he's freakin adorable, especially his little legs. Oh and yes this one has a yet-to-be-made face as well. I'll probably end up doing all my faces (doll, monkey, and now frog) at the same time... when I HAVE the time.

So let me introduce to you, Poepee the Frog!

He's just chillen' *wink* When I do his eyes, he'll look a lot more normal :-P

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  1. I like his crossed legs! hah! Cute! Are you gonna sell these?

  2. Nice job on your froggie! His proportions are really good. I'm off to check out your ety shop too. LOL nice spelling huh? One last thing... will you give him a face? :(

  3. Nice! He's goofy withought eyes, but I'm sure he'll look awesome once they're on. Good job on those gangly legt. I bet those were a butt to stuff. (Oh, gross, didn't mean it like that...)

  4. I ask my husband to name my jewelry peices sometimes...I think your kids do a better job!

  5. LOL---what is is with kids and poop, er, poepee?! It's a cute name, and a cute froggie, and even cuter when you hear the story behind it!
    Smiles, Karen