Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A learning experience.

I really don't know what happened. I don't recall any big huge event happening this past weekend. I did have class all this week, but I know I had other down time. And yet, I had a custom order that needed to be in her hands by Father's Day. Which means, it was an expedited order (she needed it before my estimated ship time was up).

Anyway, it's Wednesday. I have the shirt all printed and packaged, but did it get shipped? Nope. And because of my apparent procrastination (which I'm normally a procrastinator but when it comes to my business, customer service is #1 on my list and I pride myself on fantastic customer service and that includes shipping time!) I am going to be forced to ship Express. I just don't want to risk it not getting to her. Technically Priority says it could get to her by Saturday, but there's a chance that it won't, and I would be OH so mad at myself if Father's Day came and she didn't have a gift to give her husband - because of me.

So I'm kicking myself. In the shin. Probably will leave a bruise. But it's a lesson learned - cause it really sucks to make absolutely no money (perhaps even losing money, I haven't figured it up yet) on an order that was so time consuming.




  1. ahhh bummer! I can feel the burn of the kicking...I've been there too on a custom order...(not with shipping) but with the whole procrastinating bit. OY.

  2. You live and you learn but it doesn't mean it's not a huge drag sometimes :(

  3. Been there and it's no fun! Just remember this next time. :)