Friday, June 13, 2008

ARMorgan, spotlight's on you!

If only. If only I had an artistic bone in my body ;-) I can't even draw a very good stick figure! Heck my HANDWRITING doesn't even look nice! That's why I'm thankful I have artistically inclined friends and why I know other people are thankful for sellers on Etsy that are willing to sell their skills as a graphic designer! People like ARMorgan who is a fantastic artist! She sells everything from banner designs, to business card designs, to website designs! She'll even put together a packaged deal to help you set up your entire Etsy shop (banner, avatar, web banner, web ad, graphics for certain listings and feedback, etc). She's your one stop shop! And judging by her number of sales (165 and counting) and her perfect feedback, I'd say you could be confident in her services! Go check out Angela Morgan Designs - not just because she's got a cool last name (*wink*) but because she does amazing work!


  1. Thank you for the feature! I'm so excited!

  2. OOh neat! I always love looking at graphic design work..they are super talented aren't they!?