Monday, June 9, 2008

Ode to my recent purchases Part Dos

So to continue on with my Etsy obsession... Here are more of my recent purchases:

I finally broke down and ordered some sew-on labels for my sewn goodies. I've already used a couple and they turned out SO cute! I'll have to get a picture of the actual things later - but I was beyond thrilled to see MY logo on a label! I feel so official and professional now! SugarPlumBaby gave me proofs and didn't proceed until I was 100% happy with the design. I had a great time working with her and would recommend her services to anyone! Thanks again SPB!

My next "purchase" was actually a trade. On my end I received this adorable Organic Orange Onesie. Not only is it my favorite color, but I also love it because it's not your typical baby onesie color! I know I don't have a baby now, nor will I in the near future (if at all, depending on who gets their way - me or my husband *wink*) but I figured I have plenty of friends and family having babies, so this adorable little bunny faced onesie is going to be a gift :-) And I'm excited and proud to gift it! Thanks so much for the great trade OrganicBeginings!

This next purchase is actually one of my current favorites and I just got to wear them for the first time the other day! My friend Summer has an adorable Etsy shop and she was having a deal - so I snatched up these awesome Black and White Polka Dot Circle Earrings! As I've stated before, I'm not a girly girl, so wearing "accessories" (as my sister in law calls it) is new to me. But I wore these the other night with a black shirt, I had my hair out in all it's curly/afro blond glory, and I was wearing my white and black (with some polka dots) big sunglasses... and let me tell you, I felt SEXY! And Jess (sister in law) complimented me multiple times on my look! I LOVE these earrings! (ooh, and as a side, when I made the purchase, Summer threw in a FREE pair of pretty little earrings too!) So needless to say I was more than pleased with this purchase. Anything to dress me up a little is always a plus! Thanks Summer! And my hubby thanks you too! *wink* (PS Summer also makes lots of other things, especially precious little girl bows, headbands, etc! Check out the rest of her shop!!)

Oh, I also had another trade recently! I "met" someone in the chatroom on Etsy who was wanting some of my ribbon charms (destash). We ended up working out a deal and I scored these adorable little clips! Yes I know, my boys will look a little silly in them, but I figured if they didn't like them I could always gift them to my sweet little niece *grin*. They even have butterflies on them!! How adorable! Anyway, it was a smooth and fun trade with BellaPrincess, and if I recommend anyone with a girl to check out her cute little bows and accessories!

One of my most recent purchases isn't so much "ooh pretty! I want!!" as much as a promotional item for my shop. Awhile back I had ordered a window decal for my car with my etsy shop URL on it. Well, since then I've purchased a domain name and wanted an easier URL for people to remember. So I found WallWords and made my purchase for ""! Now, in the listing she had a whole list of fonts to choose from. I chose one and she emailed back a sample of what my URL would look like in that font. We both thought it looked funny so I was going to choose another one. Well, on a whim I thought I might give it a shot and ask if she could use one of my favorite fonts - Mister Tate. I was THRILLED when she agreed!! So now not only will my car have my shop URL on it, but it'll be in one of my favorite fonts! I'm so excited!! All in all an exceptional transaction with WallWords - thank you!! (*And as a side, I just received in the mail, 3 little monkeys from Holly at and can't WAIT to put those and my URL up on the back of my car!)

Thank you to the wonderful sellers on Etsy! Oh wait... maybe I shouldn't be thanking you as I'm not seeing much of my profit because it's all going towards my spending habits :-P But whatever, I love it all!

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