Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ode to my recent purchases

Etsy is seriously my favorite place to shop. For myself and for gifts. And I've been doing a lot (too much) shopping on Etsy lately *wink* but I want to share the fun and/or yummy things I've gotten in the recent months!

From Lori, I happily and with confidence purchased these adorable little hooters from her Jewllori collection as a gift for my sister in law's birthday. Ok, I will admit, part of the draw was my own immaturity and wanting to be able to tell my sister in law that I got her some hooters for her birthday *wink* But she did love them, and so did I!! Thanks Lori for yet another great transaction!

From YanceyCandles I got some "pop tarters" for my tart warmer. I am a bit of a candle freak - I am even a demonstrator for Gold Canyon Candle Co. I love burning them, I love the glow they put off, and most of all I love the way my house fills up with the yummy scent of whatever is burning. This last year I snagged a tart warmer from my mom's house (she prefers to use a little tart "crock") and I have quickly grown just as addicted to melting tarts. So I gave YanceyCandles a shot - and I was not disappointed! I originally ordered Black Raspberry Vanilla and was SO excited about them. Well weeks went by and still no sign of the tarts. I finally sent a convo to YanceyCandles to let her know - and she confirmed that I should have gotten them by now! So, with AMAZING customer service, she sent me another package of tarts -- free of charge!! I never did see that first package, but I was THRILLED with my second package! Not only did I get the tarts I ordered (and they smelled SOOO yummy) but she threw in some extra goodies too! Currently I'm melting some Hawaiian cake one (can't remember the exact name) and I am in love with it. I will definitely be returning for more tarts when these ones run out!! Thanks YanceyCandles!

I had fun shopping for Mother's Day, something I don't usually go all out on. I got something for my mom, my mother in law, my sister in law, and my Boddy Boddy.

For my moms, I got these adorable little charms in the shape of little boys, with my boys' names on them. They turned out beautifully and they were a hit with the grandmas :-) Hanging from the bottom of the charm was their birthstone too, which made it all that much more special. I had a great experience ordering from matsudabunch and would recommend her to anyone!

For my sister in law I got her something a little more personal. You see, HER mom died of breast cancer a few years back. Mother's day for my sister in law is always a little bittersweet. So this year I got her this print of a "Hope Tree" from Jelly Beans. It was my gift to her FOR her, but it was also in memory of her mom, and my favorite part was that all of the proceeds from this print went towards breast cancer research. So the gift was kind of a couple gifts wrapped in one. The print was beautiful and I would order from Jelly Beans again!

For my Boddy Boddy (CarmelTurtle) I knew she'd been drooling over new dishware, mugs, etc. Her goal someday is to have a cupboard full of hand thrown dishes and mugs. So I got her this beautiful Olive Green Mug from Vessels and Wares. I actually fell in love with this mug, it was gorgeous and so well made and it had a sweet little star stamped in the side! V&W even threw in 2 (one for me and one for my Boddy, I had told her this gift was for my friend) keychains with the cutest little bunny butts on them! I keep mine on my keys all the time and love looking at it! Another great transaction - thanks V&W!!

And since I have rambled more than I intended to... I will break this post into 2 parts. So I'll stop for now and I'll continue with more recent purchases in my next post! Stay tuned!!

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  1. Awesome stuff you bought.. I just love Jelly Beans! All her stuff is gorgeous!

    I am glad your sis in law loved her new hooters! Tee hee!! :-)