Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tshirt in action!

I love getting feedback on my shirts. Today I saw a post from my friend Mandi (yes, another Mandi who's awesome enough to spell her name with an 'i') and she shared pictures of her "little" (who are we kidding this kid was 10 lbs 6.6 oz at birth!) man wearing my "My Mom Shoots People" shirt! His mama is an awesome photographer, so it's really an honor to see her guy wearing it :-)Look how cute he is!! I love it! Thanks for the love Mandi!


  1. I'm probably going need about 3 more of these, because I am going to where it out having him wear it. Shameless promo or just a cute kid?!?!?! hmmmm, that's a tough one. Regardless its my favorite piece of clothing he sho.

    Nothing but love for yah!

  2. Just realized I'm an idiot and wrote where instead of wear....WOW. Special ed over here!