Friday, July 11, 2008

I shoulda been an elephant!

Cause an Elephant never forgets! And I almost forgot to do a give-away this week! So, in fairness, I will "draw" the winner on Sunday night. So you have until Sunday night to enter to win! Simply leave a comment on this post and make sure you leave me some way to contact you (ie: if you're leaving a comment using the "anonymous" feature because you don't have an account, leave your email address).

The winner will be receiving this design (the ASL "I Love You" sign) but on a LIGHT BLUE 2T tshirt - Bella Baby brand. I will update this post later today with a photo of the actual tshirt. the placement of the design is in the same place, on the lower left hand side of the shirt (as you look at it).

Good luck, you've got 2 days! Tell your friends - the more the merrier! I will have at *least* one more give-away next week, and the following week is the week we move, so I might make next week's give-away a double whammy, or I'll hold the give-away at the beginning of that last week. It'll be fun!!


  1. I absolutely love that shirt!

  2. Ohh!!! Me Me ME!! Count me in!!! That is adorable!!

  3. aww this would be so cute for the little boy i babysit for!
    count me in!!

  4. my hubby would LOVE this for our little one that hasnt been conceived yet! count me in - i may have to buy one if i dont win! cat

  5. Kasey myheartwalking@yahoo.comJuly 11, 2008 at 8:57 PM

    That's just too stinkin' cute!

  6. Please count me in! My brother is deaf, so ASL is near and dear to my heart.

    ~Christy -

  7. Oh how cute! Found you through a completly random series of blog/shop hops...but you bet'cha I'll be back!

    Count me in!