Sunday, July 13, 2008

With 16 minutes to spare...

I went to snuggle with my little guy tonight because I promised him I would after helping daddy with homework. It was already 10pm and it's been a busy day filled with packing, cleaning (though you wouldn't guess it by looking at my house) and an action packed VBS (well, we parents sat in on the super fun last hour or so of it). Needless to say, I didn't realize how tired I was!

So, after chatting it up with my nearly 4 year old, talking about Jesus getting hungry and Jesus' mommy making waffles and juice and recalling our eventful evening... we both fell fast asleep. I just woke up with a screaming sciatic nerve (my bed spoils me, I HATE sleeping in any other bed aside from my own) and my contacts glued to my retinas.

All that being said, I hopped online to do my routine once-over before turning off my computer and I pulled up this blog and remembered I promised to post the winner of the give-away tonight!

So. Without further ado - and to end all of this rambling - the winner of this week's give-away is............ (are you giving a drumroll?)....... Cat!! Thank you so much for entering everyone - stay tuned for next week's give-away! It will most likely be a "big-un"!!


  1. poop but yay!!!!!! LOL..

    Congrats Cat!

  2. Girl, I think you should know that I plan to send you a kickin' baby shower package when that little bug is born ;-)

  3. yay yay yay yay!! thanks Mandi!! I am soooooo excited to get this and even more excited to have a little babe to put it on! Just let me know what i need to do from here!