Thursday, August 14, 2008

Write about now...

I've been into journaling lately. As you read in a recent post, I've always had a thing for journals but have a hard time sticking to them. Lately I found one I love and I've been inspired by a friend to start a "journal" for each of my boys where I can write them letters and jot down the funny things they've said and write memories down so I can give them the book when they're older (married, graduated, etc). So anyway, I was on a search for an awesome journal for my boys and now I have too MANY to choose from! Here are a couple favorites:

This one is a sketch book cover by DailyThreads. It's been in my favorites for quite awhile now. I love the pocket and I love the bright funky fabrics!

This is another from DailyThreads and it's for an actual notebook rather than a sketch book. I love the textures on all the covers and that big button is great!

Then I discovered hand bound journals and I was gone. Kreativelink has some of the most beautiful journals! If I felt I could do them justice I would fork over the money for 2 of them (one for each boy of course). I would love to save for them cause they are seriously gorgeous!

And if I had a girl, this one would be in my cart in a second ;-)

I hope to one day be able to make a purchase or two from either Kreativlink or DailyThreads.


  1. I'm loving that flowered one too! My favorite!!

  2. I have a journal and paper addiction. Which you just fed beautifully. Thank you!

  3. Oh, santa just got some good ideas for Christmas at our house!!

  4. OMGosh I am adding so many etsy shops to my faorites. sigh. someone who loves etsy as much as me.