Thursday, August 14, 2008

My peeps and homies

I love having creative friends. And I love to show them off. {big grin} So this post will be full of the awesomeness of my pals. Because I can.

My girl Lori of Lorijaclynsjewels (otherwise known as Jewllori) could keep any girl adorned in gorgeous bling! I love her stuff! I will most certainly be the proud owner of more Jewllori as soon as possible! Shimmy on over to Lori's shop and be prepared to stay awhile, you will surely be impressed at all her beauties!

Caitlin of CarmelTurtle has graced this blog many-a-time, and for a good reason! Ladies, if your Eggo is Preggo, you need to make a quick beeline over to CarmelTurtle. Seriously. I've touched the goods (um, the shirts, nothing else). Mine eyes have seen the glory. I wish I was Preggo so I could sport one of her sweet awesome shirts. Oh, and when (yes, when) you decide to purchase your CT shirt... tell her Mandi sent you. No reason, I will just feel special {wink}

And as the season Summer comes to an end, you should head on over to my girl Summer's shop and feel the warmth all year long! Your little girls will turn heads and you'll look like the hip mama that everyone wants to be! Check her out - you won't be sorry!

And now to be completely random (as in, I have never met this person, talked to this person, or know them in any way) I want to quickly showcase a shop I've had in my favorites for a little bit now. Isn't she talented?? These girls are adorable! So go on over and check out a new shop! You may make a new friend!


  1. Thanks for the feature my dear! I love summer's shop.. I so wish I had a little girl to pretty up! I mean as much as I am going to love having boys...I need a little girl to doll up!!!

    And of course CT my all time fav preggo shirt shop :) I own two already, and when I am done with this pregnancy, am planning on owning one of her non maternity tees! YAY!!

  2. Hi Mandi! Thank you sooo much for featuring Plasterdoll in your blog. It's really sweet of you:)