Saturday, August 16, 2008

Worth Every Penny.

Remember a couple days ago when I posted about my impulse buy?

It came today {big grin}

I'll admit I had a bit of buyers remorse after I made the purchase because of the money spent, but when I got a personal message/convo sent to me from Rachelle herself, it all went away. And boy was I surprised at the super fast shipping when I opened my door this morning!!

Rachelle had given me a tip about putting the caramels in the fridge as soon as I got them, in case they had gotten a bit soft in their travels. And I did.

After I snitched one first. {wink}

Oh. My. Word. That beautiful little roll of delicious goodness just melted in my mouth! It was SO good! And actually, as I sit here typing, I have the bag of them sitting in front of me, oh so lovely and chilled and yummy... And I've got 3 innocent little wrappers already piled up, hoping I will turn 3 into 4... and so on and so forth.

So my review? 5 out of 5 stars. Deliciously amazing. And 100% worth it. Thanks Rachelle!!


  1. I love the links to the etsy stores. I was thinking a site that reviewed etsy stores and suggested products would be awesome. Have you thought about doing more of that or have I not looked far enough back on the blog yet?

  2. Hey nice favicon. Also mmmmm caramel

  3. Mmmm...those sound divine. What flavor did you get? (I already checked out the store and added it to my favorites)