Monday, September 1, 2008

Knock Knock

{Who's there?}

Me! I'm here! I really really am!

So I've been a little pre-occupied after the move, with the start of school, and with homecomings and preparing for goodbyes... The end of summer is a busy time, but I don't see my school year getting much easier. I'll just have to learn to adjust and keep on multi-tasking.

As for the business, wow. I've completely slacked off. Which is sad because I've started to get a handful of requests for custom orders, so I know if I were to get my butt in gear and actually LIST all the stuff I have to list, I'd get some sales!

I kid you not, I have probably over 15 shirts (pre-printed) that I have waiting to be listed (they've been photographed, but I hung them on a branch and am not crazy about the leaf shadows on them... still deciding if I want to re-photograph) not to mention all the Key Fobs I made that are waiting to be listed, and mini-wallets, and some zippered pouches AND some adorable diaper/wipes holders.

Yeah. I look in my closet (the craft closet) and see all those shirts, and I look at my "stash" of sewn goodies, and all I see is money. Money just sitting there. Normally I don't look at my stuff and see dollar signs, but lately money has been crazy tight (or in the red) so I've been trying to find little ways to make extra money or save money... so it really has me kicking myself to see all this "merchandise" just sitting there where nobody can even look at it.

Anyway. Enough of that. I just wanted to say that I was here and I hope to be posting here more again. I've been posting on my family blog and my new "me" blog, so I really have been around... just not on this loverly blog.