Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting my act together.

Ok so we've now lived here for almost 3 months. I can't keep using the "we just moved" excuse to get me out of making new screens for screen printing. So today - I got my act together.

Over a month ago, I purchased the wood to make new frames.

A couple weeks after that I finally got around to cutting the wood.

Now, weeks later, I finally got around to piecing the wood together to make the actual frame. I'm hoping I can keep my mojo long enough to actually put the mesh on the frame by today. I have tomorrow off {shock! 2 days off in a row! I haven't had a day off in a LONG time!} so I'd love to get a screen completely made (with emulsion on it, and if I can get a transparency made up, hopefully burn an image onto the screen) by the end of tomorrow.

In other news...

I've been listing more in my shop - finally! And somethings working, cause I've been getting a few more sales! I'm anxious for the day that I can have enough extra funds to have a small inventory of my most popular shirts (ie: black, and white Ts, size 2, 4, and 6). As it is, I have to order each shirt as I make a sale - which, if I were making multiple sales in a day, it would be ok. However, with one sale one day, and the next one 2 days later - I end up having to place 2 orders, which means i have to pay for shipping twice {thus making my actual profit way less}.

Anyway, it all works out in the end. And for now, I'm just having fun with it!

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  1. Mandi, thanks for stopping by my blog and sympathising! I'll hold on at least through the holiday season since I have already bought enough paper to do so, lol. I really appreciate your kind words and I'd love to be featured on your blog. :)