Monday, April 7, 2008

Lip Balm MIA!

So awhile ago, when I was on my Lip Balm binge, I had ordered 3 balms from a place on Etsy called Cavendish Soapworks. These were my absolute favorites. I'd ordered a Spiced Chai, Very Vanilla and Double Mint. The Vanilla and Mint ones were my favorite, they feel SO nice on my lips.

Recently I went back to her shop to see what her current lip balm stash contained and was sadly shocked to see her shop EMPTY! I had been planning on making another order when my lip balms started running low (which won't be long at the rate I use them). I did send her a convo asking if she was coming back and I SO hope she is. There's nothing in her shop announcement or profile saying anything about going out of business, so I hope it's just a vacation or something.

Have you ever done that? Gone back to a favorite shop only to find they've shut down?

It makes me sad. *frown*


  1. I pout with you, this is a tragic story.

    Come by my blog I have a little something for you.

  2. What's this I hear about the purchase of a new lip balm purchase?? Do show and tell!