Friday, June 13, 2008

Following the lines...

A couple weeks ago I sold one of my favorite zippered pouches (lol, of the what, THREE I've listed? *wink*). I was all excited, I told Ryan right away that I sold something! As I went to check the details of the sale, I noticed the name. I thought "well hmm, that's interesting, I know a _____ _____". Then I looked at the address... Well come on, how often is it a coincidence that someone has the same name AND same address of someone you know?

Yeah, so I figured out that a friend had bought the pouch! I was happy, and I tucked in a sweet little onesie for her little unborn baby girl.

Not long ago her husband called and was teasing my husband, telling him to tell me to "stop selling my wife stuff online!" So I took the phone to assure him that she bought it all on her own, I did no advertising - and that in fact, I was wondering how she remembered my shop name - an email (links in my siggy) or myspace or facebook? Well, come to find out, she DIDN'T KNOW she was buying from me! She had just searched for a little purse/pouch and decided on mine - she didn't make the connection until she opened the package and was wondering how the heck "that seller" knew she was pregnant! Then she looked at the return address and that's when SHE made the connection!

I just thought it was funny and I felt pretty darn cool that I was "found" randomly on the internet and someone "chose" me *smile*.

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